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FIVE LINES is a professional, sparsely accompanied vocal ensemble that performs unknown music by well-known composers, founded in 2020. While we value the repertoire that all of us choral lovers know by heart, FIVE LINES wants to introduce you to music beyond the norm. A Nonprofit 501-C3 organization based out of the New York City metro area, we have plans to record and perform in cathedrals, churches, performance halls, schools, bars, and museums in connection with their current exhibits.



Outside of our performances, FIVE LINES partners with choral education and conducting programs to promote a more intimate look at repertoire often overlooked. By collaborating with both professors and students, we strive to expand the curriculum to include a more hands-on (ears on?) approach to score study, proper performance practices, historical context, and modern-day execution of these works.


Supplemental text that includes historical context, performance practices, and rehearsal strategies will be dispersed with each recording and performance cycle. FIVE LINES is going to be your new one-stop-shop for music you always wish you knew. Except, you won't have to buy our recordings and mini-theses. We want you to have it. For free. Because we believe in sharing our knowledge and supporting our music community.

With passion, with fervor, with our voices, we brave the uncommon. Soon you will too.

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